The THORChad's Wikipedia for the THORChain and THORSwap Ecosystems.

Introducing, THORWiki:

THORWiki is an incubator of learning materials, ANYONE can submit tutorials, guides and contents. These will then be reviewed by an Admin who will either approve or reject the content. THORWiki will be a part of the THORChads Platform.

The 4 main components of THORWiki:

1) Education 2) A-Z dictionary 3) THORChain and THORSwap Timeline 4) Community

📖 Education

Community members, will be rewarded for their efforts contributing to the growth of THORWiki, we encourage the community to add tutorials, blogs and news related to the THORChain and THORSwap ecosystem to THORWiki and get the chance to be rewarded as contributor.

📔 A-Z Dictionary

The A-Z Dictionary for the THORChain terminology. The Dictionary will cover the most common words and most complicated words, usually newcomers in the THORChain ecosystem struggle to understand the terms used by Early community members. The A-Z Dictionary will simplify their journey.

⚡️ THORChain and THORSwap Timeline

The Timeline will cover all relevant events related to THORChain and THORSwap since the genesis, it will be an interactive timeline where users can interact with and learn more about historical events of both ecosystems.


The THORSwap community will play a key role in the growth of THORWiki, the growth of THORWiki will be mainly driven by the THORSwap Community which is encouraged to add more contents to the Wiki. THORWiki will become the best place in the THORChain ecosystem where newcomers and OGs can learn more about THORChain and contribute to the growth.