NFT's Trophy

What are Trophy NFTs?

Trophy are limited edition NFTs that are rewarded to top THORChads, based off your contribution to THORSwap and THORChad Dao. Trophies are distributed once per season, where a season is a pre-specified timeframe. Trophy NFT's will be used to reward committed community members, top THORSwap users and discord quests winners. These will be airdropped to the top users who perform specific tasks. For example, a top trader in trade mining competitions. You can also connect your wallet to THORChad Score to determine your eligibility for Trophies, and to claim Trophies. There will be "Limited edition" sets for each task, or quest, Trophy NFTs will help to signify these achievements.

The supply of Trophies

Each season will feature new artwork from a featured artist. While the supply for each season's Trophies may vary, it will not exceed 500 per season. If you want to be a featured artist, do not hesitate to reach out an Admin on Discord.

THORChad Score + NFT Trophies

Trophies will be rewarded to: 1) Top Scores 2) Top Scores within a specified timeframe 3) Specific on-chain actions