THORChads Discord Quests
Play bi-weekly quests to test your THORChain knowledge and crack riddles on Norse Mythology. These are played within Discord with the chance to win limited edition NFTs.
Playing Quests will also increase your THORChad Score and top players will earn Trophy NFTs, Membership cards, New community NFT projects and other rewards. New Quests will be issued in the Discord Community periodically. They are fun, exciting, and time is of the up most importance.

Why Quests?

  • It's fun!
  • Increases engagement and community interaction.
  • Fairer distribution of NFTs as it prevents whales from mass buying/bulking.
  • Quests reward owners and will build a stronger community in the long run.
  • Also prevents the dreaded GAS WARS for an NFT launch.

How to play Discord Quests?

Discord Quests are all based on Norse mythology and they will be very straightforward to play, to win a quest you will need to answer correctly to all the questions provided and then fill up a google form (if quest is won) simply reacting to some messages in your DMs and interacting with the bot through specific commands.