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What's on THORChads Platform?

THORChads Platform

The community will interact predominantly on Discord and WebApp, users can interact with the following:
THORChad Discord Community Discord will be the community hub of the DAO, any project/webapp developed will have direct function on discord. This will be where THORChads rank up and prove their chadness. Where grassroot community projects will sprout and flourish from. Where the community decides on the creative trajectory of THORSwap. Join the THORChads Community.
THORChad Score WebApp THORChad Score’s purpose is to acknowledge the “chads” and “degens” of the Thorchain/Thorswap community and reward them for their loyalty. The score is calculated by analysing onchain activity of your wallet within THORSwap. The more you use THORSwap, then the higher your THORChad score and thus the more benefits you receive. Visit the WebApp and calculate your THORChad Score.
THORChad Discord Quests Play bi-weekly quests to test your THORChain knowledge and also riddles on Norse Mythology. These are played within Discord with the chance to win limited edition NFT Trophies. THORWiki The THORCHAD’s Wikipedia for the THORChain Ecosystem. Here you can learn about the THORChain Ecosystem and contribute to the content growth of the Wiki while receiving rewards. THORChad Members Card A unique membership card for THORSwap, that will offer new and exciting utility for all Chads.
NFT Trophies Limited edition NFT’s of Norse Mythology Gods that will be used to reward committed community members, top THORSwap users and discord quests winners.

Community Projects

We want THORChads DAO to be community driven, and want to incentivise the community to build their own projects. Community projects will be listed once create. Go create, go build, go collaborate. Unleash that creative spirit!