Frequently Asked Questions

THORChad - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the THORChads DAO?

It is the the future home of the THORChad Metaverse, where community initiative projects and apps can launch from!

What is the Ethos?

This is a bottom-up approach to the creative realm of crypto. We want it to be a grassroots initiative, where really creativity sprouts from and where all THORChads can align. We want the DAO to instil community resilience, camaraderie and sense of belonging amongst THORSwap users.

What can the community build/create?

Anything! The possibilites are endless. NFT’s, Fun WebApps, Games, Quests, Content, etc The idea is to build projects from the same ettiquette as loot, rarity, pak poets etc

How are Trophy NFTs distributed?

Trophies are distributed once per season, where a season is a pre-specified timeframe. Trophy NFT's will be used to reward committed community members, top THORSwap users and discord quests winners. Also connect your wallet to THORChad Score to determine your eligibility for Trophies, and to claim Trophies.

What is the supply of Trophies?

Each season will feature new artwork from a featured artist. While the supply for each season's Trophies may vary, it will not exceed 500 per season. If you want to be a featured artist, do not hesitate to reach out an Admin on Discord.

I am an artist, can I create NFT Trophies?

Yes, you can create any NFT you want. It doesn't specifically have to be for trophies but it does have to represent the community. If the community and team likes your work it can be added to an official THORChad NFT or Trophy selection.

What is THORChad Score?

THORChad Score is a fun WebApp (inspired by Degen Score) to acknowledge all "THORChads" of the THORChain Community and reward you for your loyalty. It is the ultimate "Proof of Chadness" How does it work? 1) Connect your Wallet 2) A score will be calculated for you based off your wallet's on-chain activity 3) Top Scores will earn limited edition Trophy NFTs, private discord access, early access to new products, and much much more.

How is the THORChad Score calculated?

The score is calculated by analysing onchain activity of your wallet within THORSwap, such as swapping on THORSwap, providing liquidity to THORChain Pools, holding a THORName etc. The more you use THORSwap, then the higher your THORChad score and thus the more benefits you recieve.

What are THORChad Quests?

THORChad quests are mini-games within Discord, new quests will be issued in the Community every 2 weeks. Quests will be riddles based on Norse Mythology, if you get all the answers right then you have the chance to win limited edition NFTs. Play, have fun and increase your THORChad score!

Is the THORChad Community open to everyone?

Yes! anyone in the metaverse can join the community, engage with others and play our quests! Join the Community here.

Is there any incentive for Active Community members on Discord?

Yes! being an active member in our community will increase your THORChad Score and unlock secret channels based on your Level.
Exclusive Sections on Discord
Exclusive Sections on Discord
Early Access to Discord Quests
Early Access to Discord Quests
Early Access to new products

How do I contribute to THORWiki?

THORWiki is open-sourced. ANYONE can submit tutorials, guides and contents. These contents will then be reviewed by an Admin which will either approve or reject the Article. Community members, will be rewarded for their efforts contributing to the growth of THORWiki.

What is the launchpad?

THORChads DAO will act as a Launchpad, where community driven projects can gain instant traction through our reach, community and expertise. Community projects will be launched on THORChads Dao discord, webapp, socials and have direct influence on the THORSwap and THORChain community.

I have a project, how do I submit a proposal?

Anyone can create a project, it doesnt need the backing of THORSwap :-) If you need backing, then you can submit a proposal through the Incentives Programme. vTHOR holders can vote on the following for THORChads:
  • which community-submitted projects to fund/launch/support/etc
  • which community-submitted projects will receive $THOR incentives
More details to follow.

How does THORSwap support projects?

  • Funding/Bounties (if applicable)
  • Marketing
  • Launchpad
  • Instant access to a huge community
  • Reach
  • Loyalty
Any project that comes out of THORChad will have full support from the community and team!